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January 2021, Hong Kong


Liminality is a commissioned photography project for the exhibition “After_” held in ACO Artspace, Hong Kong in 2021 supported by Design Trust and Zolima. The exhibition has the theme of reflecting on the pandemic’s impact and picturing the post covid era.


A liminal space is where we will all be right after Covid – a confusing situation belonging neither here nor there. Liminality refers to a stage during which a person has detached from their past identity and events, but has not yet formed a new identity. Covid has broken down our daily lives, habits, relationships and opportunities; we have lost the old normal but we still need some time to figure out what comes next. It is believed that we will fall into a liminal space with a blurry condition requiring some time to accept and recover from feelings of stress and loss, in order to rediscover the possibilities of the future. Liminality may be a tough period to go through, but it will soon reveal a beginning where it ignites new thoughts and cultures.


Exhibition pieces at the After_ exhibition located at ACO Artspace, Hong Kong

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