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Food hawker bazaar documentary

April 2017, Hong Kong

Documentary photography

The food hawker bazaar in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong was a very unique dining place with local culture and history. It is a temporary market but lasted for 40 years since 1978 until it was demolished and rebuilt in 2018. Although renovation project may bring facilities improvement to the food market, but the old Hong Kong style dining culture may disappear from modern advancements. In this documentary project, I spent days in the bazaar a year before the demolishment trying to observe the people and the environment of this place and record the lifestyle, culture, and people of the grassroots community which all of these may vanished together with the renovation.

The documentary photography series was further incorporate into a zine design, introducing the story and history of the food hawker bazaar. And documenting the vanishing of the unique lifestyle that people may not remember in the modern metropolitan.


Magazine layout for the documentary series

Spread page images

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