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Floating City experimental photography

April 2019, Hong Kong

Analogue photography, silver gelatin printing

The project is positioned as an experimental project to explore possibilities in capturing genuine emotions and situations in Hong Kong. As people tend to blindly believe the stereotypical images picturing them a bright future ahead and neglecting their genuine feelings living at the moment in the city, the project hopes to unveil the package of the fantasized situation of Hong Kong. Walking out of the self-deceptive packaging, this project is purposed to encourage viewers to review the alternative emotions and actual vibe in Hong Kong and to accept the complexity of the dynamics here, and more importantly, to grow from the withered.

Analogue photography does not stop its creation after shooting. Enlarging silver gelatin prints in darkroom makes another progress of facing genuine emotions again and further make creation from it.

This photography series was selected to showcase in Osaka, Japan with the invitation to exhibit as guest artist representing Hong Kong in Unknown Asia 2019.

Darkroom printed on Ilford Multigrade IV RC Deluxe Pearl photographic paper

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